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Activities, Music, and Foreign Language: Develop your child's talents, and interests, and provide time for creative expression.


Mondays – Music with Opus One Music and Mr. Jason

Every Monday Mr. Jason brings in a different instrument for the children to learn. Children of all ages will get to look, touch, hear, and play each instrument. Watch as your children love to dance and sing to Can’t Sit Still and The Spelling Song.

Thursdays – Spanish with Smarta School of Foreign Languages

Every Thursday your children will learn Spanish with Smarta Foreign Language. Children of all ages including After School will learn Spanish through a curriculum that is easy, fun, and exciting. The Smarta Curriculum focuses on the whole formation of the child and includes not only a foreign language development, but a cognitive, behavioral and social development. The Smarta System of Bilingual Education is a system based on concrete objectives which are to be achieved in each class session. For example, depending on age, the child will be introduced to and taught to correctly pronounce between 4 and 8 words per class session. It is the combination of these concrete objectives with the Smarta System’s creative and fun teaching method that help a child to become bilingual quickly and easily.



Mondays – Ballet with Creative Movement and Dance

CREATIVE MOVEMENT AND DANCE is the premier on-site dance instruction company. Their mission is to provide professional quality dance instruction and early movement programs for children 18 months and up. They are committed to quality dance training, taught by the most talented dance teachers. The teachers are reliable and always prepared, with well-planned, age-appropriate lessons. They enjoy the children, and welcome parents to observe at any time. The classes are structured, yet flexible to meet the needs of pre-schoolers thru primary students who need to have fun while learning.


Tuesdays – Play Ball

Sport skills through fun and games for tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and volleyball. The Playball program is designed by occupational therapists and is structured to your child’s age and their development level. These classes are for children starting at age 2 through age 6.
Music and Foreign Language Programs