5390 Flynn Crossing Drive | Alpharetta, Georgia 30005 | Phone: (770)-475-1011 | Fax: (678)-867-2867

Infants: Little Dreamers™ – 6 weeks to walking, Big Dreamers™ – 12 to 18 months

The Classroom

Colorful spinners and rattles, stackers and clackers, and special books for babies fill shelves and encourage exploration, communication, early literacy, and curiosity. Soft toys and furniture and things to hear, touch and-yes-taste create a special place for baby brains to develop to their fullest.

Visit any Dreamer classroom at Legacy Academy and you may hear anything from Mozart to Mother Goose as babies learn classical rhythms and traditional rhymes.


Our Curriculum

Based on current brain research, Plans for Infants encourage experiences in music, drama and pretending, sensory play, curiosity, literacy, art, language, and movement. Unique to our framework are a nurturing environment and Brain Power activities. Baby Circle Time brings infants together each day for singing, stories, fingerplays, and poetry. Individual time with baby is a component of the daily routine which gives our teachers time to focus on the needs of each child in our care.