How to Help Your Child with Homework When You Struggle with the Subject Yourself

Posted on August 23, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

August has arrived. The “back to school” sales have begun. Soon enough, your child will be on their way back to school, and that means it won’t be long before you hear them ask: “Can you help me with my homework?” Of course you can, right? You went to school yourself, after all. However, when you sit down to help your child with homework, you may realize that this subject is tough. If your child struggles with the same subjects that used to make you struggle, then you both may get stuck. Thankfully, with different strategies and after school programs, you can help your child succeed. Here are a few tips for helping your child with difficult homework assignments.

The Library Is Your Friend

Before you can help your child with homework, you’ll have to gain some understanding yourself. Thankfully, there are plenty of books that can help you. Lots of these books are written for parents who need to help their children with homework. Take a trip to the library to see what options you have. Speaking of the library, the Alpharetta branch has extra resources that can help you. For example, it has free online databases full of academic content. Take some time to explore those databases for the help that you need.

There’s an App (and a YouTube Video) for That

Don’t have time to get to the library? Then technology is here to help. Get on YouTube and search for the subject you and your child need help with. A YouTube search for “quadratic formula,” for example, brings up pages of tutorials. You and your child can watch them together, or you can use them to get a grasp of the concept yourself.

You might also check out your app options. Plenty of apps can help you learn difficult academic subjects.

After School Programs

After school programs can be a huge help when it comes to your child’s homework. When your child attends the right after school program, they’ll have access to homework help. After school programs provide teachers and tutors who will understand the subjects your child struggles with. After school programs also have games and other activities, so your child can blend learning with fun. This way, they can get help with their homework without getting burned out or frustrated.


In addition to after school programs, you can find a tutor for your child. With tutoring, your child can get personalized and individualized attention. A good tutor can explain a subject in a way that your child can understand. Thanks to the one-on-one format, a tutor can quickly assess the learning strategies that will work best for your child. From there, they’ll explain the subject in a personalized way.

Ask the Teacher

If your child’s teacher has a spare minute, you can ask for recommendations. The teacher may have tips for learning the subject so that you can help your child. Furthermore, they may also be able to provide some insight into your child’s learning process. At the next parent-teacher meeting, ask about the subjects that are giving your child trouble. You’ll likely leave that meeting with a helpful plan.

Legacy Academy’s After School Programs

If you’re looking into after school programs for your child, why not check out Legacy Academy? At Legacy, we offer before and after school care. Children here enjoy a range of activities in a fun and relaxing environment. We also offer homework help so that your child can succeed in school. Want to learn more? Then contact Legacy today. At Legacy Academy, your child can make the most of their school year.