Preschool Literacy: How to Build Reading Skills from Day One

Posted on June 28, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

You want to instill a love of reading in your child. Out of all of your child’s life skills, literacy will be one of the most important. It will increase your child’s intelligence, creativity, and ability to succeed throughout a lifetime. When your child is a preschooler or even an infant, it might seem like there’s not much you can do to encourage literacy. After all, if your child isn’t even old enough to master the alphabet, what could you possibly do to encourage reading books? As it turns out, there’s a lot that you can do for preschool literacy. Use these preschool literacy techniques to get your child into reading.

Make Time for Reading

You can start by reading books. We’re not talking about reading books to your child, although that’s definitely important too. We mean that you should read books yourself. Of course, you’re busy. All parents are. However, you don’t have to give up your love for novels. Your children watch you for cues. When they see you enjoying a good book, they’ll understand that reading is an enjoyable activity. Since children learn by imitation, they’ll eventually start picking up some books themselves.

Read to Your Child

Now, you should also read to your child. At the early stages of preschool literacy, the books themselves don’t always matter as much as the feeling of reading. When you read to your child, turn this activity into an exciting, fun, or comforting part of your routine. Read in a calm voice at bedtime. Use funny voices when you read in the middle of the day. Soon enough, your child will associate reading with fun and happiness, which will encourage them when they learn how to read on their own.

Make Trips to the Library

Every once in a while, take your preschool-aged child to the library. Your local library is one of the best places for preschool literacy. When you go to the library, encourage your child’s excitement. Let them choose their own books when you make your visits. You can also participate in story hour and other book-related activities for kids. The Alpharetta Public Library has baby singalongs and a family storytime. Check out these free activities for fun with the kids.

Encourage an Active Role

Let your child take an active role in their reading time. We already mentioned letting them choose their own books at the library. You have other options when it comes to active preschool literacy. For example, after you read a child a story, ask them what their favorite part was. You might also let your child turn the pages when you read to them. When you encourage an active role, you let them take ownership of their own reading skills. As a result, they’ll gain confidence when it’s time to start sounding out words.

Find an Excellent Teacher

When you look for preschools or child care facilities, ask your child’s potential teacher how they encourage reading. A well-educated teacher can make a world of difference in your child’s literacy skills. Choose a teacher who uses literacy-based games, instills confidence in children, and teaches in a nurturing way.

Preschool Literacy in Flynn Crossing

If you’re looking for a teacher who will boost your child’s early literacy skills, look no further than Legacy Academy at Flynn Crossing. At Legacy Academy, your child will grow their love of reading with the help of highly skilled teachers and a nurturing curriculum. Want to see your child have fun while developing reading skills? Start their preschool literacy at Legacy Academy. Contact us today to get more information.