Simple Ideas for Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday

Posted on May 29, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

Some birthdays call for extravagant parties. Whether it’s a milestone year or a special acknowledgment, there are times you want to celebrate by going all out. At the same time, there are plenty of birthdays that are special in calmer and simpler ways. If your life doesn’t allow for big parties right now, that doesn’t mean that your child’s birthday won’t be fun and memorable! Here are four sweet and simple ways to celebrate your child’s big day.

Decorate Your Home

If your child likes surprises and attention, few things could make them happier than a home decorated just for their big day! On the night before their birthday, after your child has fallen asleep, scatter different sorts of decor around your house for when they wake. Put crepe paper streamers in their doorway, balloons down the hall, and notes of appreciation and love for them all over the walls. When your child wakes to see the house transformed, they will feel loved and celebrated. This plan works even better if you have loved ones in far-off locations send notes and photos to include in the decor.

Put the Birthday Kid in Charge

Kids love to be in charge, and birthdays are a great opportunity to let them try it out. Leading up to your child’s birthday, let them know that the day’s plans are up to them. What’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Where will you go and who will you see? If your child is too young to understand the natural parameters of these decisions, you may need to offer them choices rather than carte blanche. Still, the ability to direct the whole family’s adventures for the day is a great way to acknowledge your birthday child.

Spend the Day Outside

If the weather allows, a birthday is a great opportunity to spend a family day outdoors. In Alpharetta, Wills Park is a favorite spot to celebrate and enjoy nature. With a pool, the Wacky World Playground, and an arboretum onsite, you could spend a whole day and not run out of things to do. Invite friends and family to join you at the park for cake or just take your immediate family and enjoy a picnic as part of your fun. Regardless of how big or small you choose to make the event, your child will remember the attention and togetherness of the day.

Do Something Your Child Loves

So often, the activities we choose for our families are based on a long list of factors such as timing, finances, energy, differing preferences, and other obligations. When it comes to celebrating your child’s birthday, consider choosing an activity entirely based on what they love. For instance, if your child is especially fond of animals, go to the zoo. Or if your child loves to roller skate, bowl, or play arcade games, find a spot to do those things, even if they’re no one else’s idea of fun. Encourage the rest of your family to focus on the birthday child for the day, not worrying about what they want to do but showing the celebrated child love and affection through their actions.

Birthdays are sweet milestones in a child’s life. Almost all of us can look back with fondness on particular celebrations in our earlier years. And often, the most memorable and cherished of those memories don’t include big, expensive parties. Instead, they are moments when the people we cared about most made a real effort to help us feel loved and appreciated on our big day. For celebrating your child’s birthday, whether you throw a big bash or not, take advantage of the simple ways you can show them love as well. Also, if you are looking for childcare in the Alpharetta area, consider Legacy Academy Flynn Crossing. Our teachers and staff would love to care for your child. Call or visit today for more information.