5 Non-Appearance Compliments for Children

Posted on July 30, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

Of course you compliment your child’s appearance. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s good to put some non-appearance compliments for children into the mix. When children only hear compliments about how they look, they can attach their entire sense of self-worth to their appearance. Furthermore, appearances change as children grow, and those changes can cause a lot of anxiety for those who grow up hearing only about how “cute” or “handsome” they are. Your child needs to hear about their non-appearance traits, too. These traits, like kindness and tenacity, are generally things that you’d like your child to carry into adulthood. When you praise these traits, you help them to grow. Not sure where to start? Here are a few important compliments to help you get started.

“You’ve Gotten Good at That.”

Does your child have a skill that they excel in? Then tell them! Often, the things we’re good at are also the things that we enjoy. The same goes for kids. When you compliment your child on the things that they do well, you reinforce their enjoyment of those activities. More importantly, you encourage them to keep pursuing that skill.

“You Work Hard.”

What’s more important than telling your child that they’re good at something? Telling them that they work hard at it. In fact, you should praise your child’s hard work more than you praise their inherent talents. It’s one of the most vital non-appearance compliments for children. When you praise their work, they learn how to see value in the work itself, not just the outcome. That means that this compliment is equally valuable for tasks that your child is good at and tasks that make your child struggle. Either way, they’ll be encouraged to keep going.

“You Did It!”

Some non-appearance compliments for children are applicable in a lot of situations. Did your child accomplish that difficult task? Did they complete a project that involved several steps? Did they try hard while they worked on the task? If any of these sentences ring true, then you should absolutely celebrate with your child. The pride that they feel will encourage them to keep working on difficult tasks. They’ll grow to love the sense of accomplishment, which can help them in their academic years and in their future jobs.

“I Like Talking to You.”

Choose almost any variation of this compliment. “I like playing games with you.” “I like hearing your stories.” “I like coloring with you.” The activity doesn’t matter as much as the sentiment. The point is that your child knows that you enjoy spending time with them. Compliments like this will tell your child that they’re a worthwhile person who matters and belongs. When you cement these things into your child’s mind, they can carry the resulting confidence with them into tough social environments.

“You’re So Kind.”

Kindness is perhaps the most important human skill, which is why it should be reinforced with non-appearance compliments for children. We all want our children to grow into kind, compassionate people. You can reinforce that skill in your child by noticing and praising it. If your child shares a toy, draws a picture for somebody, or does any other kind action, let them know that these things make you proud.

Non-Appearance Compliments for Children

Non-appearance compliments for children can help little ones grow their self-esteem. At Legacy Academy in Flynn Crossing, we help children feel great about themselves while learning the value of work, kindness, and fun. Interested in learning more? Contact Legacy Academy in Flynn Crossing today. Let’s work together to help your child learn and thrive.