Working parent

Tips for Finding Balance as a Working Parent

Posted on December 26, 2018 : Posted in Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips
Working parent

Working parents have it all, right? You get an active career and a fulfilling home life. Except sometimes it just ends up feeling like more events, obligations, and expectations than you can manage. As a working parent, your load is often heavy, as you try to juggle the responsibilities of your family life with the continuing requirements of your job. Here are some tips to help you balance those competing needs while staying sane.

Set Aside Family Time, Guilt-Free

As a working parent, sometimes it feels indulgent to use PTO for a Christmas performance or to ask for time off on a day when you want to spend time with your kids. Remember that there is no guilt in putting your family first. As long as you are upfront and fulfilling your work obligations, give yourself permission to not check your email on a Saturday and go see a movie instead. It is unlikely you will look back on these days and wish you had worked more hours. Time with your family is precious, so make whatever time you can for them.

Simplify When Possible

Working parents often try to do it all, juggling home life and careers while still expecting to have time for hobbies, volunteer work, and more. Remember you aren’t Superman! Try to focus on simplifying when possible. That may mean eating more pre-prepared food or choosing a quieter schedule. Perhaps you choose one event to attend per month and then spend the rest of your weekends at home. Regardless of how you do it, try to cut back on the requirements in your life so you can be more present and engaged with your family.

Be Creative as a Family

Often the simplest activities make the best memories. Even if your days are full and you can’t find the time for big outings, being creative together at home is a wonderful way to bring your family together. You may choose to make cookies or color pictures together. Or perhaps you could make sculptures or paintings to give to grandparents. Whatever activity you choose, it doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. The value is in the time spent together.

Embrace Imperfection

When it comes down to it, there is no secret to work-family balance. We are all trying our best to do everything well, and we often don’t get it right. Remind yourself that life isn’t intended to be perfect. Even if your home isn’t spotless, your child’s lunch is store-bought, or you can’t volunteer as much as you’d like, your life can still be meaningful. You contribute at work and then come home to love and nurture your family, which is no small feat. As long as you have that, you’re doing an awesome job!

Take Time for Yourself

With the countless demands pulling you in every direction, it may seem impossible to find the time to just be yourself. However, when you take the time to do things that make you feel alive, you will be more effective and available to all those people who need you. With this in mind, make time for your hobbies and other outlets, even if it’s only an hour a week. Read books, dance, meet friends for dinner. It’s counterintuitive, but spending that time nurturing yourself will pay off in your relationships with others.

Your child’s early years are a meaningful and special time. Unfortunately, they are also a stressful time for many people, especially working parents. As you make an effort to slow down, simplify, and enjoy time with your family, remember that perfection isn’t reality. Reality is far better. Are you looking for childcare that will help you build memories with your children and support you in your search for balance? Consider Legacy Academy Flynn Crossing. We look forward to hearing from you soon.